Removing Old Roots to Prepare for Future Fruitfulness!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We each have a portion that we have been allotted by God. Our destiny has boundaries meant for multiplication, increase and fullness.  Satan’s temptations are meant to keep us from multiplying and increasing in the portion that each of us has been allotted.  Three demonic strongholds that we deal with most of the time in our lives are povertyinfirmity and religion. Since any one of these can stop us from walking in victory, you can imagine the impact when all three of these demonic strongholds align with each other.

Removing Old Roots to Prepare for Future Fruitfulness!

This has been a time of uprooting and replanting!  Earlier this week, Pam and the Garden Team removed all of the freeze damaged and dead plants from the Prayer Tower Garden (also known  as the 4th Watch Garden).  In doing so, they were left with a mass of old roots. Before the replanting process could begin, they had to clear the ground of the old to make way for the new.

This is an example for all of us.  Just as we must be diligent to clear and prepare new places of fruitfulness in our gardens, we must do the same in our hearts before we can advance into the new.  Only then can we be prosperous plantings of the Lord!


Chuck D. Pierce

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