Restoring a War Mantle in a Week of Change!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is a week of CHANGE! Do not allow the noise of confusion to control your atmosphere. The Lord is addressing the noise around His people and causing us to rise above the fray. Allow your vision to come up higher so you see what you have been longing to see!

Restoring a War Mantle!

After watching yesterday’s service, Susie Zeigler was led to pick up a copy of The Future War of the Church. Susie has a wonderful gift to mobilize and pull the Body into a new alignment … in the Carolinas and beyond. What she shares will encourage you on how to be “dressed” in this season of change.

This morning I was looking something up in The Future War of the Church, opened up to page 72, and this jumped off the page for me!  It’s like this section is a write up of yesterday’s service (the prophetic gift presented to you by Ed Watts and Steve Hansen) and where we are right now!!  And, of course, you wrote this all more than 13 years ago. I just had to share with y’all.  Here are some key excerpts that I typed up and am sending out to alert all of our Embassy of Zion folks here.

“After crossing the Jordan on dry land, the children of Israel didn’t immediately sweep across the land and overcome their enemies.  Instead, the Lord asked them to do an unusual thing:  He commanded them to sharpen flint knives for circumcision (see Joshua 5:2).  Before the children of Israel claimed their inheritance, they submitted themselves to bear the sign of the covenant.  In a similar way, I see us becoming very vulnerable, submissive and humble.  As our hearts are circumcised, God’s promised power will arise within us.

“We will see a restoration of the war mantle of the Body of Christ as the apostolic-prophetic mantle of the Church is being restored.  Why did the Lord command circumcision for the children of Israel?  He commanded circumcision to restore covenant with the children of Israel and to restore the faith of the warriors.  The warriors of the past season had fallen into unbelief and had passed their faithlessness on to the next generation.  The Lord not only wanted to demonstrate His power but also wanted to cut away the unbelief the people had carried with them out of Egypt.  

“I see a shaking of systems.  Watch for conflict to begin in the political, economic and religious structures.  God will prepare us for this warfare by restoring our war mantle.  He will call us to fast individually, corporately and territorially.  These will be supernatural fasts, as in the biblical pattern we find in Daniel 10.  After fasting for 21 days, Daniel found out that his prayers enabled God’s messenger to overthrow a principality that was holding back revelation for the future.  As you fast, expect God to show you how to establish yourself in the new arising around you.  Know that Jezebel, a controlling system, will be plotting to prevent the restoration of God’s purposes in the earth.  This spirit will try to hold old laws and legalism in place and redirect God’s supply for His kingdom purposes.

“We must understand Amos 9, which is key to our future.  We are seeing a great move of God to restore the Tabernacle of David in the earth (see Amos 9:11).  We find this occurring in each historical season…. The Tabernacle of David represents fervent prayer and praise as it was practiced under David’s oversight (see 1 Chron 16:1,4).  Prayer and  praise in every region is key in the Church’s future…” 

Exciting times, for sure…  Thank You, Lord, for letting us know You are with us!

Allow the Lord to cut away anything that would keep you from embracing your new identity for the season ahead.

There is a Divine Exchange in the Change!

As we saw in yesterday’s gift presentation, there can be a joy when we embrace the change God has prepared for each of us. We can allow His Spirit to cut away the old so all things can be made new. As you watch this short video from the Prophecy Center, declare your willingness to CHANGE and be mantled for the season ahead.

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 3.56.57 PM


Chuck D. Pierce

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