Say Yes and Come with Me! A Key Prophecy!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Don’t miss this Sunday!  We are planning on a great morning beginning at 7:30 AM with Melinda Richardson ministering on “Kingdom is Counterculture: Believing from Victory!”

During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, Robert Heidler will be teaching on “Hanukkah: The Feast of Light 5779!”  Following both services, we will have our 2nd prayer thrust for our 21 Days of Gaining New Access.  (Tomorrow, Saturday, at noon CST, I look forward to initiating these three weeks at noon in the Tabernacle.  I hope many of you will enter in here at the GSC or online.) 

Say Yes and Come with Me!

“Come with Me for I am pouring heaven down into you. In other days, what I poured down has leaked out. Come with Me!  I am opening the portals over you and pouring down!  What leaked out in the past season will now rise up within you and cause you to become buoyant in faith. Come with Me now and I will fix the leaks that have allowed My spring to run out of you. You will not just have springs, but you will enter into a river. Come with Me now, for I am pouring the river through the portal.  Will you allow Me to penetrate through layers you’ve not allowed Me to penetrate in past seasons? There is much within the layers of the strata within you – much abundance and prosperity deep within you.  Will you allow Me to drill and access the portal that goes down deep within you?  Will you allow an enhanced recovery of everything that is within you? 

“Look at the doors set before you – Door #1, Door #2, and Door #3.  I am The Way, so be wise and do not turn to the left or to the right.  As you knock, you will find Me there to open.  I will open and usher you in, for you have been faithful to invite Me.  Go forth and see the pathway, knock upon the door, and then receive and eat of Me.  New wine, new oil, and new grain is waiting for you.  Stay steady through that challenge and remain on the path that is before you, for you will find your entryway right on that path. This is your time to choose Door #2 and the double portion that awaits you. You have looked before and sought the double portion in the house.  But look outside the house and beyond that door because that is where the double-portion is waiting for you. Awaken! Arise as straight as an arrow! Let Me send you so the arrow will turn the key as you knock and see the opening to your double portion. 

“Too many of My children think that My Way is ‘either-or’, ‘this-or-that’, ‘here-or-there’. But My way is ‘yes and amen’! Say ‘yes and amen’ over the doors ahead of you and watch Me map out your path!  For your horizon line is changing!  On your horizon, your ship is coming in!  Not only is your ship coming in, but look for Sheba’s ship!  Where Sheba once questioned My word, she has loaded her cargo and is now coming forth; she will even leave her ship in the dock of your name!  Begin to declare, ‘My ship is coming in and filled with double-door booty!’  This is a season when I am breaking off a poverty spirit.  No longer say, ‘There’s a lion in the road and I need to stay home.’  Do not allow poverty to hold you captive, for I am breaking fear and poverty out of My people. 

“My destination is to be at home in your heart. I have a place to call home, and I long to be at home in your heart. I have you on a journey to your place called ‘home’. Many of you think that you have been lost or captured, but watch and listen for this week you will hear me say, ‘Home is this way!’  If you will come toward me, I will run to you!  This is an hour when I am ready to run towards you and break the fatherless and bastard spirit off of you. The reproach that has kept many wandering and uncertain of where they came from is being broken off My Body.”  (Chuck D. Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion)

Chuck D. Pierce

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