Standing in the Gap as an Issachar Intercessor!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I often stand amazed at how Holy Spirit orders, administrates and causes the Voice of God to be heard in the nations.  Only the Lord could have orchestrated the flow of revelation and prophetic release that came forth to speak to the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the Body of Christ worldwide.  He has a plan for each of us to mount up and speak LIFE into the atmosphere.  Whereas the enemy has attempted to scatter and separate us, God is taking a stand to scatter the enemy.  Although the enemy would desire to hold us captive, the Lord of Hosts is advancing as a King who goes out to war.  Shout and decree that things in your life are opening up this week! 

Revival is Coming with the Church “Out of the Box!” by Robert Heidler

It was such a joy to see some familiar faces in church this Sunday, now that the lockdown is being eased.   At the same time, I feel that the last few months have been such a significant time for the body of Christ worldwide.  Thousands and thousands of people who had never experienced worship in their homes were now gathered before their computers and TVs, joyfully praising God with family and close friends.  It struck me that for the first time since the early church, the majority of Christians were not going to a “church building” to have church.  We have, in fact, witnessed the biggest “house church” movement in church history!  (A friend on Facebook said their kids are calling it, “pajama church!”). The church is finally “out of the box” and will never be the same!

I remember 14 years ago, when God told Chuck to begin doing church on the web for those people who could not find a church to go to.  He got such flack when he announced it!  Many Christian leaders criticized him and said, “You can’t have church on the internet!”  It makes me smile to think that every one of those leaders is probably now webcasting their services. Even in the midst of a pandemic, God is working in mighty ways.  Fasten your seatbelts.  Revival is coming!

The Power of Agreement and Alignment!

A great example of those who have followed us on the web is Susie Zeigler and Anne Romanello from Charlotte, North Carolina.  For many years they have tracked with us online, and now serve as incredible visionaries in pulling together the remnant in the Carolinas in intercession, revelation, fellowship, and warfare strategies.  I encourage you to hear and receive their exhortation for this time of advancement. 

The Power of Alignment


Chuck D. Pierce

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