Taiwan Trip Update: The Apostolic Prototype!

Dear Advancing Ones:

INDESCRIBABLE!  Words are hard to find for the Apostolic Kingdom Advancing Conference in Taipei!  Taiwan is definitely a prototype nation, and the apostolic movement that has developed there is just amazing! Leaders are working together to advance the Kingdom, and the decrees we have made over this nation are bearing great fruit with the commissioning of 15 new apostolic centers.  Continue to declare that Taiwan will be a prototype that impacts the world! 

Aaron and I just arrived back in Texas, and I look forward to ministering this Sunday morning at the Global Spheres Center.  I then fly to Israel to join Daniel and Amber for their Sukkot Celebration at the GZI Ministry Center in Jerusalem.  They are flying home from Taiwan now, whereas Robert and Linda flew to Tokyo to minister in Japan.  I am so grateful for your prayers in sending us to the nations. Without your support, we could not keep advancing with the impact we’ve seen across the globe.

When I return from any trip, one of the first things I do is visit the Israel Prayer Garden.  This latest video will bring you into Ephraim, which is the tribe associated with the month of Tishri.  As you prepare to enter Shabbat, I encourage you to watch this video and find His peace in the Garden.

Chuck D. Pierce

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