The Journey Begins!

Uncovering Prophetic Revelation to Understand Our Times!

Dear Advancing Ones:

What a Holy Spirit orchestration!  Our Celebration Service marked the beginning of a new journey for all of us … one filled with new vision, new fire, and a new burning and baptism!  If we are willing for the Lord to lead us, then He will send angels before us and provision that was captured in our past will be brought on the path of our future.  The revelation that poured through this portal yesterday in worship was just amazing.  And Robert Heidler’s teaching on “Uncovering Prophetic Revelation” couldn’t have been better to reveal the importance of prophecy and its multi-dimensional nature. His study of the prophecy in Daniel 11 and its multiple layers of meaning should cause all of us to ponder prophecy, pray for wisdom and understanding, and allow Holy Spirit to uncover the depths of His revelation.  Don’t miss this replay (or watching the entire service again) and advance on your new journey with the Lord.

A New Journey!  A New Fire!  A New Unlocking of Revelation!

One of the most important things a Christian can learn is that our God is a God who speaks.  He wants us to know we can hear His voice.  Prophecy is the basis for an on-going relationship with God. It deepens our walk and releases God’s power in the earth.  Here is a portion of the revelation that poured through this prophetic portal in yesterday’s Celebration Service.  My prayer is that as you meditate on these words, the Holy Spirit will unlock layers of meaning that reveal His plans for your new journey. 

“This is the beginning of a new journey for you. You will start journeying, and you will meet Me in a new way. Even if you choose to go your way, you will be on this new journey. Today is the beginning of a new journey for you and if you choose for Me to lead, I will send angels before you to get you there. I have provision from your past that has been captured to bring into your future. Get ready today because the journey begins.

“I Am going to give you new eyesight for those curveballs you swung at and missed in the last season. I’m going to cause you to watch what’s coming in a new way, and what you couldn’t hit the mark on last season you’ll knock out of the park this season.  I’m giving you a new posture! You’ve been slumping down, but I’m telling you to stand up, stand up, stand up in the earth! No more hanging over the shoulders! I Am giving you wings to fly over the powers of the enemy, stand upright, and even be a vav in the earth!”

A New Burning and a New Place of Offering!

“In this time, I Am causing you to burn in a whole new way. I Am taking My staff as the Angel of the Lord did for Gideon, and I Am touching those hard places on the altar.  A consuming fire is coming up from out of the rock to consume the hard places of the past season. You will burn, burn, burn, burn, burn with the new consuming fire of the Holy Spirit era. What the enemy meant for evil in the past season is being consumed on the altar of the hard place, and I Am consuming you with the fire of destiny.  I’m blowing in under your embers that are there. I Am blowing in under them, and it’s going to cause an uprising within you. Open your mouth and you will be stronger than the dragon who’s been breathing against you.

“I Am coming to those hard places — the place that you have created an Ishmael. I Am coming to the altar so you can lay down your Ishmael. I Am calling you back to the fire so that I can disrupt this cycle of you creating Ishmaels all throughout the earth. For I know the plan that I have for you and the plan belongs to Isaac, not to Ishmael. So come back to the altar and put your Ishmael on the altar so that you can see Me demonstrate My holiness, My plan, and My purpose that you are a part of. Come back with your desire and lay it on the altar so we can see Isaac burst forth.  That good thing you’ve created – I have allowed that for a season. But once you lay it down, you’re going to get the blessing that will go generation after generation after generation. Lay down the beginning of the inheritance that you thought you had so you can go into the multiplication of the next season.”

A New Furnace of Miracles!

“The Miracle Center has been in a Genesis 1 state – without form and empty. But My Spirit is now hovering over the face of miracles, the face of My fire in that Miracle Center, just as I hovered over the face of the waters at the creation of the earth. And I Am ready to bring its identity forth! You must know that now is an “in the beginning” time for that fire to fall. Now is the beginning when I speak, and I separate light and darkness in that place and cause the miracles to come forth. I Am visiting that place and visiting the earth out of the place of miracles.  This Miracle Center will be like the furnace of Daniel’s friends – it will be seven times hotter!  The Miracle Center will be so hot that when people walk in, they will have faith to overtake their enemy. They will not burn up, but they will be ignited in a new way! And when they go out, fear of the Lord will be upon them.  Everywhere they walk the fear of God will cause people to fall under its shadow!

“When those embers inside you, when those tongues of fire, begin to erupt with flames, let My wind breathe on you.  I have a backdraft that’s going to begin to blow those around you and wrap them in fire. You are in alignment with the truth. You are not by yourself, so realize you must be a burning one that will begin to erupt fires all around you.  This is even a time My baptismal will be filled with fire!”

No Time for Self-Sabotage!

“There is no more time for self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is over. You’re on the altar of fire, you are on a new journey, so do not self-sabotage. Do not say, ‘This doesn’t look right and I’m afraid to take a step’ or ‘I don’t know what direction to go.’ Take that step and move forward in a new journey, but do not speak words of self-sabotage.” (Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Becca Greenwood, Robyn Vincent, Lisa Lyons, DeeDee Roberts, Hunter Spears, Stella Timmons)


Chuck D. Pierce

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