“The Year Ahead!” by Chuck Pierce

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are approaching the “Head” of the Hebrew year 5783 … an incredible time of aligning with God’s calendar and celebrating what He will do with all of us in the year ahead. To help the transition from one year to the next, tonight’s Prophetic Empowerment will feature Robert Heidler’s review of the year 5782, along with his teaching on the importance of understanding the feasts. As we end the year of building the house, we now advance into a year of divine recovery and the storehouse we have been constructing can be filled with what we reclaim from the enemy. Join us online tonight at 7 PM CDT for “The Year Ahead! Understanding the Feast Times!” and get the timing of God’s covenant plan flowing in you!  

Developing a New Mentality with Kingdom Harvest Alliance!

Understanding and celebrating the feasts develop our harvest mentality. We will begin our New Year’s Celebration at 5 PM CDT with Kingdom Harvest Alliance (KHA) commissionings. We developed Kingdom Harvest Alliance as a new wineskin to help you demonstrate God’s Kingdom purpose in your field of influence. KHA is helping us get better ordered, better identified, better connected, and more administratively efficient for our future. Whether you are an individual, or lead others, KHA will help you manifest your Kingdom identity and receive a new anointing to see and secure the harvest that is multiplying around you. I encourage you to hear the latest update on KHA from Justin Rana and Lydia Lyons in this short video.

Eight Days of Celebration!

As you can see below, we have an incredible schedule prepared for Head of the Year. In addition to our KHA commissionings and send outs, we have amazing speakers and times of revelation, prophetic worship and declaration, water baptisms and more. With all the revelation that is part of crossing over into a new year, we also will have online-only services that extend our celebration to eight full days. Beginning on Sunday night and continuing through the next week (Sept. 25 – Oct.1), we will feature video sessions by Dutch Sheets, Tom & Jane Hamon, Joshua Giles, Chris Reed, Daniel & Amber Pierce (Faith Rising), Martin & Norma Sarvis, Curt Landry and Greg Hood. I hope you will join us online in declaring new supply routes are opening up!


Chuck D. Pierce

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