Today is the Key to Our Future! Recommendations As We Meet

Saturday, March 14, 2020

To All of our Wonderful Family:

These are surely trying and changing times. However, we will triumph! We will continue to worship, but be wise and circumspect at the same time.  If you are older, you might want to stay home and worship and access the web.  If you have children 6th grade and below, you might want to stay home and access the web.  If you have a compromised immune system and are uncomfortable gathering, please feel free to stay home, but enter in online and call for prayer during the week ahead.  Yesterday, Denton County issued a Disaster Declaration and Executive Order, and you can click HERE to read the full release.  

We will have the Global Prayer Tower, Multi-Purpose Room, Arbor, Solomon’s Porch, as well as the Tabernacle available tomorrow for smaller meeting groups during worship times. Therefore, we will not have any trouble fully complying with the Denton County recommendation that gatherings not exceed 250 persons.  In times like these, stay connected and accountable.

The Plague of the Census

David made several mistakes. However, he always had a heart after the Lord. One of his worst mistakes was taking a census and numbering the people. Why was the real problem with this action.  All through the word of God, we find censuses being taken.  When you read the account of David’s census in 2 Samuel 24, you find a pestilence or plague struck the people resulting in many deaths.  In this census, David had relied on man’s strength but cut off Heaven’s power and all the Hosts and Armies of heaven. 

How did he do this?  He had forgotten the Word and edict that was given Moses in Exodus 30:11-16, the Law of Ransom — when you take a census, bring an offering.  David then built an Altar to the Lord and gave an offering, and the plague stopped. 

This Week I Believe We Can See a Change in the Atmosphere!

I sense that we should worship and give our best to the Lord.  Then for the next seven days, starting tomorrow on the Global Day of Prayer, take communion. Yeshua said, “When you come together, remember Me!”  In this census year, if we worship, give, and commune, the angelic hosts will align with God’s army in earth and we will win the wars ahead!

Sunday Schedule at Global Spheres Center

  • Breakthrough Revelation Service at 7:30 AM
    • Chuck Pierce: The Healer is Here!
  • Celebration Service at 9:30 AM
    • Robert Heidler: When Judgment Comes … Standing in FAITH When the World is in Chaos!
  • Memorial Service for Jed Sauce (Amber Pierce’s Dad) at 2 PM
    • In the Israel Prayer Garden
  • Seven Days of Communion: Resisting by His Blood at 6 PM
    • In the Prayer Tower


Chuck D. Pierce

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