What Month is it?

Along with the Gregorian calendar, we also follow the Hebraic calendar, which contains the original timing that was followed in biblical times. Here, you can learn about the current month and gain an understanding of its significance in your everyday life.

The Month of Tevet

Summary of Tevet

Tevet is the tenth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. Ten is the number of godly authority. Pray for our Commander in Chief so godly authority is established. The enemy has great strategies in this month to pull leaders away. If you are not aware of this, you will not pray correctly for the leaders God has given you. The enemy knows when you have a good leader that is giving you the right revelation to move forward. One of the ways the enemy will try to get to you is through your leaders, which is why the Lord says to pray for them.

Characteristics of Tevet

  • Timeframe:
    29 or 30 days – December/January
  • Hebraic Alphabet Symbol:
    AYIN — (eye, spring) –let your good eye see. War with the evil eye and break the power of evil watchers.
  • Tribe:
    Dan – to judge, grow up and mature
  • Constellation:
    Capricorn (the goat) — beware of making wrong alignments
  • Color/Stone
    Dark Blue and Turquoise/Sapphire of Turquoise

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