Your Setback is a Setup for Comeback!

Join Pasqual & Norma Urrabazo in the Upper Room for Wednesday’s Prophetic Empowerment at 7 PM!

This is a time for our faith to arise for recovery and return.  I can’t think of two better people to activate our faith in tomorrow’s Prophetic Empowerment than Pasqual and Norma Urrabazo.  As I share in this short video, this service will be live in the Upper Room at 7 PM CST. 

If you are not in the region to attend in person, you can join this time of revelation and activation by live webcast as well as by replay. Let’s declare the breaking of anything that is holding God’s people captive to an old season so we are free to come back stronger than ever before!

Celebrating Divine Abundance!

There is such a stream of prophetic revelation the Lord releases through this prophetic portal.  Here are two more portions of revelation that come forth in Sunday’s Celebration Service. Let’s declare we are celebrating divine recovery and abundance! 

“You will recover all. In this season, I Am expanding your faith. I Am going to cause you to believe for what you couldn’t believe for in the last season. I Am uncovering all that you thought was lost so you can see it was only temporary. In this season you will uncover what has been hidden and lost. Your faith is rising up!  I never desired for you to eat the crumbs under the table. Know I have a banquet table set for you and I will again cause you to taste the delicacies that I have prepared for My people. Let faith arise in this hour! Begin to celebrate the season of recovery. For you will not just recover a small portion, but you shall recover all and know that I Am the God of more than enough. You shall recover more than enough as you enter into the celebration of this season!

“This double portion that you are receiving is not just for you – it is sent to all the earth! The greater portion is for the greater works that I Am sending you to do in this hour. As I release everything that I Am into you, begin to move into all the earth — from corner to corner, from coast to coast, from sea to shining sea — because I Am doing a new thing and I Am doing it through My body. As I release the bread of life once again, receive every bit of it, receive a full measure, receive a full portion; I Am going to change the earth through the portion that I Am giving to you this hour!”(Barbara Wentroble, Robyn Vincent)


Chuck D. Pierce

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