A Fiery Consensus of Believers Is Coming Together

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 28, 2020

Chuck Pierce – We are crying out and saying, “Fire!” Lord, fill our armor with fire! We wanna ask you for fire to come! We wanna ask for the fire that is necessary for us to cross over into this Pentecost season. Lord, we say, “Redo our armor, re-burn our armor, so that we’re able to gather the harvest in a way that we can bring in, people can see that we’re fiery worldwide!” Stop wherever you are, ask the Lord to fill, cause your bones to come alive with the fire that God has put within you. It is time for God’s people to burn.

Anne Tate – So Lord, we say that right now, what I hear You saying is that You’re bringing together voices across the earth. Because there’s some enemies that we cannot defeat by a nation or a single nation. It is gonna take a consensus of those who believe and who are standing in the spirit with the Lord. And are hearing the same thing. And they are anointed together to bring forth a new thing. So Lord, we say now, that this is a season that we are coming together. And we are prophesying to these enemies that would try to blight the harvest or stop us from moving forward. And we say we will not be restrained. We will not be stopped. Lord, You’re saying that You’re gonna give us revelation to move forward and harvest!

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