A Fine Line of Decision is Coming

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 26, 2019

– [Chuck Pierce] And I say to you, many fine lines I’m drawing. And I say, it’s a fine line of decision coming into the earth. I say, there will be a fine line of what you thought was not Me and what is Me. I say, I am bringing a people into a freedom so they can express Me in both culture and in both society. I say to you, this is the beginning of change and you will become the change makers. And I say, My people have limited with who they would eat with, who they would sup with, who they would dine. And I say, I have many that’s just waiting for crumbs from last season to fall off the table. I say to you, I am laying a table. And I say, learn to taste and see that I am good. I say to you, I have a people that’s turning, and turning and turning. Therefore the darkness that has entered their garment is beginning to be spun out. I say, turn and turn and turn and watch My radiance come. Turn and turn and turn and watch My radiance come. And I say, many of you darkness touched and your garment has darkness within it. But I say, this is an hour of turning. And as you spin, your garment, with your new garment will become as gold. Shout, “This is the beginning of me radiating.” And I say, the world has never tasted of My people. It’s never fully tasted of My body. And I have a spicy people. I have a sweet people. And I have a people that will be burning hot in days ahead. Get ready, for you will be tasted and the world will say, “I’ve tasted and seen that God is good.”

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