A Firstfruits Word for South Africa

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Sonja Spencer
Date Given: January 22, 2023

Sonja Spencer – And the Lord says to South Africa, “Bring your first fruits. Bring your first fruits into the house. There is provision for you. There is a blessing that I want to put on the land, but you’ve got to bring your first fruits into the house.” This is a first fruits from South Africa. It is a one cent coin. It is an old one cent coin, and there’s a translation. The story of this coin is during the Anglo-Boer War, in a concentration camp, a woman was praying for a Word of encouragement over them, and she asked the Lord for a Word and He gave her Matthew 10:29. The next morning as she was reading Matthew 10:29 to the women and children and elderly people in the concentration camp, a sparrow came and sat on her shoulder, and it was a sign to them that the Lord would give them hope, and He would take care of them, and that He would take care of the land. And so after the war, the sparrow became a symbol of hope, and it was affixed on the land’s smallest coin. So the Lord says, “Even if it looks small, even if it looks small, it carries much weight. It is large in My eyes.” Bring your first fruits. Bring your first fruits into the house, South Africa.

Chuck Pierce – Now I was in South Africa via the web this week doing a special thing, and the Lord said, “I am returning South Africa to their original call that they have never entered into. I will recover their call to kingdom expression for the world to see. And I say to South Africa, “You will lead in a new way. You will move forward.” Now what this coin represents, is He knows everything about you. He knows every hair on your head or every one that has fallen from you head, and it says that if He knows the sparrow, He knows you so much better. I say this month, there will be a reckoning of understanding of His knowledge of who we are. Father I loose it over us this month in Jesus’ name, and as we release this, we say, “South Africa, rise up and create your new day.”

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