A Flood of Glory Will Fill the Earth

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: July 10, 2022

Barbara Wentroble – And I hear the spirit of the Lord say, that this rain that I am bringing will be like a flood of My glory. I say I’m going to cause such a flooding in the earth. That that has seemed to be in place. That seemed like it would never move. I say, My flood is going to so saturate in this hour that I’m getting ready to uproot some things and overturn some things that have been in place for generations. And I say, watch Me as the flood of My spirit and the flood of My glory comes even into some high places. And in those high places I’m going to wash away the corruption. I’m going to wash away the unrighteousness. I’m going to wash away the Antichrist spirit. I’m getting ready to flood the earth in a new way, says the Lord. I’m getting ready to flood with My glory and I say that that thought it could hold on for another generation. I say the end has come and I say I will uproot and I will overturn and My glory will be seen in this hour.

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