A Fresh Resurrection Anointing

Voices: Mary Glazier
Date Given: April 9, 2023

Mary Glazier – This is a momentous day in the kingdom. God is loosing resurrection in an amazing way. Therefore, I decree right now, that upon you, a fresh resurrection anointing will fall and you will see those that happen dead in the pew coming alive in the name of Jesus. For you carry deliverance with you. You carry resurrection with you. This is a new day. This is not the old way. This is a new vision. This is not the old one for God is releasing in you a fresh vision for this season. And this season, the wind of the Holy Ghost is coming to empower you and you will never be the same. You’ll be in your bed and He’ll come upon you. You’ll be in the kitchen, He’ll come upon you. You’ll be in your workplace and He will come upon you. And you’ll shake with the power of God. You’ll shake with the Holy Ghost. And you’ll quiver on the inside then open your mouth in that hour. For you will declare that that region will be set free for God has put deliverance in you. He’s put resurrection in you. At this the season for it to be loose says the Lord.

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