A Greater Sound of Glory Is Rising Up

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: June 6, 2021

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say you’ve shrunk back from the sounds coming towards you. But I say to you, there’s a sound in you that’s the greater sound. I will start shaking that sound in My people until it rises up and comes up into Heaven and causes Me to pour out a glory that will wither your enemy. I say, watch Me shake the sound loose in the coming weeks.

Keevy Phillips – The Lord says to my people even now I am breaking the power of agreement with your problem. Yes, the problem exists but you’ve agreed that this is your permanent situation. And the Lord says this whole week, I’m going to prick you and shake it all up until you break agreement with that situation. The power of agreement is powerful. And you’ve agreed with things I haven’t called you to agree with. Break agreement and get your way out of it says the Lord.

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