A Happy Hour for the Body of Christ

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Jane Arenas, LeAnn Squier, Raven Vincent
Date Given: June 23, 2024

– LeAnn Squier – I heard as He was speaking, heard God say happy hour. Happy hour and we all know what that is, right? I don’t go anymore to that, but you know, but the Lord said happy hour and what I began to see is every day at five o’clock, we need to have a happy hour. Every day at five o’clock, we need to enter into a place for God, a place of joy, unspeakable and full of glory and I’m telling you, I saw earlier, I saw our voices begin to put things out into the atmosphere, to put joy, to put breath, the Spirit of the Lord in the atmosphere. So Lord, we just declare a happy hour for the body of Christ from day to day to day to day.

Chuck Pierce – Now hear this. We’ll send this out for 21 days. The Lord gave a big word yesterday about 21 days. 21 days at five o’clock, you need to find and release joy in the atmosphere. How you do happy hour is how you do happy hour. That will lead us in. The day, biblically, starts at 6PM. The Lord said, “you gonna end the day happy, so you can start it even happier.” Tell somebody.

LeAnn Squier- And the Lord said, it will always be five o’clock somewhere on the earth. It’ll always be five o’clock somewhere on the earth. It always be happy hour somewhere on the earth, where the body of Christ is rejoicing.

Chuck Pierce – This is a God Word. Set your alarm to be happy at five.

Raven Vincent – I just heard from the Lord. What LeAnn was talking about, that happy hour, this is gonna be, this is not just a, it’s a celebration, but there’s a deeper work that the Lord is going to do with this, y’all. What Michelle released earlier, those deeper generational curses, those things that have been settled at the bottom of the ocean, those foundational things that have settled, that dust that has settled in your generational line, the enemy has kind of like glazed over it and it has settled in your generational line. Things that you may not even know of yet. But the Lord is saying that every day at five o’clock, if you celebrate and you let that joy rise up, He’s gonna break some old generational curses off of your line. He’s gonna break some old generational things off of your bloodline that you did not even know were there. All you have to do is obey the Lord and at five o’clock every day for those next 21 days, do what the Lord is saying and release that joy every day at five. Release that joy like He said.

Jane Arenas – Yes, I just keep hearing from the Lord saying that the spirit of addiction will be broken this week. If you will just dedicate this time every time He says, it’s five o’clock somewhere to you in your spirit, you dedicate that time and put on a garment of praise and He will break off that addiction in the bloodline, in the generations. He’ll even break it off your spouse. If you’re willing to stand in the gap. If you’re willing to say I will put on a garment of praise and I will praise with you, every spiritual bondage is broken.

Norma Urrabazo – The Lord says in these next 21 days of joy, get ready for My power to transform you because as you step into these 21 days, every day you step closer into My presence is the day that I’m bringing transformation into your life. So don’t hold back and some of you, the Lord says, are at a crossroad and the Lord said, all you have to do is take one more step and you’ll step into your season of transformation. So get ready to transform, get ready to be reformed and get ready to enter into the next place of transformation in the Spirit, says the Lord.

Chad Foxworth – During that happy hour Word, there was something that God was saying. He was saying to us that He wants us to remember. These next 21 days, He wants us to remember that he is a God of Grace and He wants us to transform, like Norma was saying, He wants us to transform into children of grace. So true happiness is going to come to us when we totally get rid of unforgiveness. The Lord is going to bestow a deluge of forgiveness in your spirit these next 21 days. So lift up your hands one more time and we’re gonna impart this into each and every one of us. Those of you that are watching on the web, become a child of grace these next 21 days. There are future offenses that are gonna come our way and He’s preparing us for these offenses. Forgive quickly, God says. Forgive quickly, God says. Forgive quickly, God says. These next 21 days, be happy and forgive quickly in Jesus’ name. I release this over our people in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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