A Jezebel Capture Will Occur

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets
Date Given: September 20, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Now, I just heard this word, now remember we’re in last Sunday. I know Dutch knows this, the Lord said the next 12 days, He would set a new administration, we’re watching God work. But I just heard the Lord say every time you bring that up over the next month of October, these words flash across me, a Jezebel capture will occur. That means somebody that’s pulling those strings at the gate is about to be removed some way.

Dutch Sheets – Lord we just pray into that right now, we say Jezebel will be captured, we say there is exposure coming. That you are about to reach down and you’re gonna do some things, you’re gonna silence some voices, you’re gonna show yourself strong, you’re gonna reveal truth. We say the blood of Jesus is attacking the deception and the darkness. An exposure is coming. exposure is coming, reversal is coming, reset is coming.

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