A Nation Will Rise and Be Healed

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: July 2, 2023

Chuck Pierce – When I look at this nation, I see it like the man that was laying by the pool of Bethesda. 38 years, sick. 38 years, waiting for that angel to stir so he could get in and be held, be healed. And Yeshua comes across and says, “Do you wanna be healed?” And all he starts doing is telling him why he can’t be healed. Somebody else gets in before me, somebody, I’ve been in this thing for 38 years. Every time the water stirs I can’t get in the water because of somebody else. And the Lord said, “Do you wanna be healed?” And the Lord then said, we ain’t even using the water today. We’re not even using the angel from last season. Rise and be healed. Lord, we say to this nation, rise and be healed.

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