A New Anointing to Rise

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 21, 2024

Chuck Pierce – And I would say to you, I am bringing a new anointing upon you. And it’s that anointing that will break the yoke that the enemy has tried to keep around you, to keep you from ascending into the place that I have for you. And I say to you, that anointing is stirring the enemy. Do not go up against the enemy the way you’ve gone up against the enemy in the past. Wait, for I am sending a wind to alleviate you above the enemy, and cause you to ride above. I say, listen for that new wind stirring within you and the enemy will not be able to anchor you, and keep you from seeing what you need to see. I say, the wind will come and you will say, “Holy Spirit, I welcome you this week.

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