A New Authority and Position at the Gate

Voices: Malik Edwards
Date Given: January 3, 2023

– Malik Edwards – I wanna just prophesy that God says that He’s gonna give you revelation at the Gate, that He’s gonna give you understanding at the Gate. And the Lord says that many of you are gonna begin to sit with the elders at the Gate. You’re gonna begin to sit with influential people. You’re gonna begin to sit in the places of shifting things and changing things because there’s a movement that is coming and there’s a movement that is here. This is the moment, this is the time. Come on, one more time, just lift up your hands and get that. And it’s also like a divine exchange.

We’re exchanging what we thought we were and we’re taking a hold of who He says that we are. Let me say that again, we’re exchanging what we thought we were and the labels that were put on us in the past and now we are exchanging it and there’s a divine transaction. Come on, there’s a war for divine recovery. There’s a war to continue to move in the vein that God has called us to move. There is a war to continue to come into the places. God says, “A divine metamorphosis, a divine change is gonna begin to hit My people in this season and they’re gonna begin to walk in a new walk.” And God said, “They’re gonna begin to acquire even a new taste for things in this season.” God said, “I’m even touching the taste buds of My people and where they were only used to tasting this one thing,” God says, “now I’m opening up the palates of their mouths. I’m opening up and as they get new taste buds, not only will they taste and see that I am good, but they will begin to prophesy differently.

They will begin to speak differently. Their vernacular will begin to change,” says the Lord. “For this is an hour,” says the Spirit of God, “where My people are acquiring a new taste bud. They’re acquiring new palates in the realm of the Spirit. And they’re gonna begin to not only taste, but they’re gonna begin to see and not only are gonna begin to see but they’re gonna begin to speak the word of God.” For the Lord says, “Even in this nation, I’m opening up gates and I’m opening up new opportunities for My people to begin to pour out new wine,” says the Lord, “for in the secret place I created even new wine skin for this moment.” And God says, “Get ready. Even as Jesus turned the water into wine,”

God said, “I’m gonna turn that which was in you, that was like water, I’m gonna cause it to be wine.” And as you pour it out to leaders and as you pour it out to those around you and spheres of influence, God said, “They’re gonna say, ‘You have saved the best to now.'” And the Lord said, “I’m bringing the great shifting. I’m bringing a great change in this season and even within this nation.” And even I saw Washington begin to open up like a gate and God said, “It’s gonna be a new flood of angels that begin to come even into our nation’s capital. There’s gonna be a new flow of My glory that begins to come even into that place,” says the Lord. And there’s a mighty wind that’s stirring. And I saw like there was a thread from Washington, D.C. to Jerusalem. And God said that I am gonna cause even there be a company of intercessors that are going to go back and forth from the nation’s capital to Jerusalem. And God said, “It’s gonna open up a new pathway in the realm of of the Spirit.” And God said, “There’s new innovation and new creativity that I’m gonna cause to begin to flow in this season, out of this nation and out of the Capitol,” says the Lord. Come on, somebody, lift up your hands and say, “Lord, give me a new palate”. Ha ha. Say, “Lord, give me a new taste bud for what you’re doing.” In Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.

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