A New Authority of Reformation for Ethiopia

Voices: Anne Tate, Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Norma Urrabazo
Date Given: April 24, 2022

Keith Pierce – You know, Chuck, there’s a word over them.

Chuck Pierce – Yeah, you start and then I’m gonna give ’em. There’s a word over them. You start and then I’m gonna give a word for Ethiopia. And this is what you’re gonna take with you but you need to, first of all, roll a little before we roll it up. You go on to roll over there .

Keith Pierce – You know, the Lord showed me very, very clearly that it was a true key that you were going with him. And I said, “Lord, what are you showing me?” And He said, “I’m showing you two keys “coming together as one that will unlock “and become two to release a double portion.” And I said, “Okay. What would you have me say to them?” He said, “Tell them that this trip is in the days of Elisha. “That where the ax head has been hidden and lost, “I’m sending him there to awaken the waters “to bring forth, bring forth, bring forth “a new ax head for the one that lost it “and the one that lost it will cut down the trees “and establish the house in My holy name.”

Chuck Pierce – The Lord took me to second Kings 19 this morning and He said, “I’m sending you to Ethiopia “because war is coming from every side. “But I’m sending you right through “into the eye of that tornado. “And I say when you go, you tell that president “that this is a time where a letter will come to him, “threatening him, and he needs to hold it up to the Lord “and say, ‘No, this will not happen.'” The Lord says, “I am sending you “to look at how the enemy is invading “and bringing in messages that are creating “conflicts in that land. “And I am giving you an authority to say to that land, “you will rejoice. “I’m giving you an authority to say to that land, “you will rise up and be whole again. “I’m giving you an authority to that land to say “freedom will come to this remnant. “I’m giving you an authority to that land “and that man and those men and women I send you to “to say, this is your hour of decree. “Decree with an authority that you have never decreed before “and the principalities and powers will summit.”, sayeth the Lord.

Keith Pierce – And the Lord would even say that truly, My son, the ax will be taken to the tree that is called the grove to become unrighteous. And you will see when y’all walk through the woods, listen to the wind in the trees because unrighteousness is being brought to the ground that a new breeze of joy and righteousness can come forth because in the midst of the storm, find My finger and you will see Me pinpoint three things that will change Ethiopia in a way that it has become changeable by Holy Spirit in Me.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, “You’re gonna tell also those leaders, “back up. You’re going to not come the same way you’re goin’ “but you’re gonna come from behind “and you’re gonna overthrow this enemy. “And as you come from behind, “you’re going to see how the enemy has invaded “but you will surprise the enemy in days ahead.”

Anne Tate – And the Lord says that it takes two keys to open a lockbox and there’s been a lockbox on destiny, both on you and on Ethiopia. And the Lord says, “I am laying both keys in there “at the same time and they will unlock the destiny “of Ethiopia and of their further ministry beginning today.”

Norma Urrabazo – And the Lord says, “Yes, you’re coming with a fresh fire. “But you’re also coming with a fresh oil, “a fresh oil that’s gonna be released upon the nation.” But I saw that very specifically over the women. So the Lord says, “You, mighty woman of God, “you will release a fresh roar with a fresh anointing “that’s gonna come and bring a breakthrough “over the women in the nation. “And that is going to bring a transformation and a change in the structure among the families,” says the Lord.

Barbara Wentroble -And I kept sensing the spirit of the Lord said you’re going to go in and God says you’re going to release a house cleaning. For God says you’re going to have the spirit of the Lord on you in such a powerful way that there’s going to be a cleaning of the house. And I say that that has been hidden is going to be revealed. God says you’re going to even lose a seer anointing, so that leadership will be able to see what they’re dealing with, and they’ll have the strategy to deal with it. For even as young Josiah went in and he cleaned house, I say there’s going to be a Josiah anointing on you and God says He’s going to use you like a broom to sweep out that that does not belong, so that the house can come in order and that nation can be turned back to the Lord.

God said this is a defining moment. This is a defining moment in history. God says you’re going to step into that place and God says there’s going to be a recording of that that’s about to take place. So know the Josiah anointing will sweep out. And I say even the witchcraft and the false religions that have tried to control that nation, God said I’m breaking the witchcraft spirit. I say I’m breaking the idolatry. I say those hidden demonic spirits that have tried to control that nation, I say their day of evacuation has come, and God says, “Get ready, son, “for you’re stepping into a new level “of the anointing of the Lord to tear down “that that it can control that nation. “I say this is a new day and a new season for that nation. “Watch Me,” says the Lord. Supernatural power, I say angels of the Lord coming to assist and I say there will be a mighty sweeping away of that that’s tried to control that nation.

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