A New Buoyancy in the Spirit

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: December 31, 2021

LeAnn Squier – I just see the Lord giving you a new buoyancy of spirit. It’s like your spirit man is outgrown the old place, and it’s actually ascending above your soul and your body. And it’s like, it’s giving you like a balloon on it’s little string. It’s giving you a buoyancy. And it’s a new kind of overcoming by coming over. You’re getting lighter in the spirit. You’re getting fuller in the spirit. You’re getting more buoyant in the spirit. You’re getting more ascended in the spirit. And so just look to where you used to have to walk on the ground and trudge through obstacles. Begin to open your eyes and see, now you’re like lilting over like so many feet off the ground. You’re passing over the obstacles and you’re not even touching them. So the Lord just says, He’s increasing a manifold aspect of His spirit in you in this time. Don’t miss what He’s doing in you.

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