A New Covering of Fire

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: February 26, 2023

Keith Pierce – Last week I saw something very, very clearly. And the Lord spoke to me, and I was gonna prophesy to you this morning. So, it doesn’t surprise me where you sit, right this moment. The Lord spoke to me out of Psalms, that the chords of Sheol had tried to encamp around you in the throw that you had embraced as the comforter. And the Lord said, “I’m going to remove her throw, therefore breaking the cords of Sheol. And where people think Sheol is a fire, I will show her What a fire is.” I will remove the old from her head and many will see the new hair that I begin to grow on her. There will be a new authority, there will be a new covering, but there will be a new advancement because I am shutting off the enmity of her mind to release the fire of her spirit. That will cause many things to boil, many things to burn, but many things to be eradicated in days ahead. So Lord, I baptize her in the name of the Father,

Chuck Pierce – That’s a word from God for every one of us.

Keith Pierce – Your Only Begotten Son and the Lord Jesus Christ

Chuck Pierce – Fire!

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