A New Covering Over Mexico

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: June 9, 2024

Keith Pierce – This is Norma and Hyman from Mexico. So Lord, right now, we lift them up to you. We thank you that a great change is coming to Mexico. We thank you that leadership is changing, not only on the earth, but in the heaven.

Chuck Pierce – Now, that’s totally right, totally right.

Keith Pierce – We thank you that there will be a new unity through this leadership. And as I look at you, I see a new covenant forming in you and through you that you can take back into Mexico and see many brought up, Brought out, brought on, experiencing… the love of the Father, the love of the Son, the love of Holy Spirit. Mexico is shifting and the shaking is from the inside out this time. And you will see a new blood form, a new blood covering form. So I baptize you in the name of the Father, His only begotten son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, what a word! Pam and I, this weekend, prayed for Mexico, prayed for the new leadership rising up. Keith, that was such a word. I, I, I knew it was Mexico’s time. All of you watching from Mexico, all of you with Hispanic Latino descent, stand up. This was so key. That word that was just released. What’s going on in Mexico is so key. How this will affect America in days ahead is keys. How the world will see a new move of God in Mexico is a key. I loose this anointing that is in this place today. Back to your bloodline, in Jesus’ name.

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