A New Creative Order Is Coming

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: December 10, 2023

Keith Pierce – You know, the Lord just showed me a picture. And this is what he said. He said, “The enemy has come to pinch the shoulders of the neck to stop the flow of blood to the brain to diminish the eyesight that I’m bringing for my future.” The Lord said, “Today is the day that I am removing the pinch of the evil one. I’m aligning the shoulders from left to right. I’m establishing the neck to hold the head to release the flow, to bring forth the blood that my body will see, see clearly, and there will be no interruption of sight in my holy day.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now, protake. That’s an awesome word. Now, one meaning within that word spiritually. If he’s realigning the shoulders from left to right, that means he’s bringing the order you’re walking in into a new creative power. Decree right now that he can interrupt your order and make it better and bring it into his order. It’s also linked with how we govern. The Lord told me two weeks ago to be aware of my flocks, out of Proverbs. Watch carefully. Lord, I decree right now in this month that you are interrupting and bringing a better order, a more creative order, a more creative way of doing things than we have ever done them. We receive that. Your blood speaks.

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