A New Crown of Glory

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: May 1, 2022

Keevy Phillips – I have a word to release again. I want the camera to zoom in on Chuck’s shirt. And the Lord would say to this house, “The voices in the kingdoms of this earth have been muzzled by the Kings of the earth, says the Lord, but I am untangling and unraveling My voice in the kingdoms of this earth. I am shaking the very thrones these kings sit on, says the Lord and the Lord says My time is now. I am uncovering the hidden things that have tried to muzzle My voice in the kings, in the kingdoms of this world, for I have a move in My pocket, says the spirit of the Lord, a move in My hand I have not played, but I am playing it now says the Lord. I am dusting off the ancient covenants with people groups from times pass says the Lord for such a time is this. The kings of this world will know who I am, says the spirit of the Lord.”

Chuck Pierce – Bless the great I am. He said, “I will begin to take some crowns off and put other crowns on”, saith the Lord. “First, if My people will present their crowns to Me, I will redo that which is trying to rule and reign over them”, saith the Lord. Now, remember in you while He was knitting you together, He knit glory, every person and has a glory, says that in Psalm 16. Every person has a glory within them and yet that glory can get captured, it can get tarnished. It can actually be totally eradicated within us. And what the Lord is saying to us is I am going double helix your DNA. I am going to uncover that glory in My people. I am going to move by the spirit through them in a new way and cause what has tarnished, captured, oppressed, depressed and attacked the glory that I meant for today. I will address those things if you will allow My word to go deeper in you. In the weeks ahead, the glory will be brighter upon you. See this month is about radiance. It’s about you radiating. Put your hand on somebody and say, let that radiating power go. Now, remember what the Lord just said, if you’ll allow Me to go deeper in you, My word to go deeper in you, I will cause you to wear and radiate the glory that that word unlocks.

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