New Authority will Develop From New Power

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 10, 2018

  • Chuck Pierce

I say this is a day of new power. And from the power that I’m bringing, new authority will be developed. I say to you be careful, for danger is lurking. The danger to stop the new power source that I am bringing to you is working now in your atmosphere. I say to you go beyond and stay hidden for a season. I say stay hidden over these next four months in a way over what you are developing will be developed and be brought out with all authority. I say do not let an old structure stop you from continuing to develop what I am asking you to develop. For I am creating a new identity in you. I am moving in you in a new way, and I am going to use you in days ahead in a new way. So I say to you let the new continue to develop, and go beyond where the enemy is trying to stop you now. I say when you don’t know how to go beyond, go beyond, sayeth the Lord, for if you quit seeking, if you quit pressing, the enemy will catch you. I say stay one step ahead of death these next four months. Do not let that which would love to kill what you are about right now and what is going on in you right now stop you. I say to you these next four months there’s great danger, but in the midst of that danger, I already have your new authority developed, I already have your new power stirring within you, and I say to you, at the right time, you will bring out and display that which is working in you this day and because of that, you will break into a new source. Let the old come to an end. Let it shut down, for I say I am awakening the new within you, and you will celebrate in a new way in days ahead.

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