A New Filter to Resist the Accuser

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 3, 2020

LeAnn Squier – I just wanna remind you guys of the dream I had maybe a month or two ago when there was a man standing in front of me and he was very unkept and very unhealthy and every kind of thing, but he was, he was telling me how terrible I was and he was speaking words to me and just really criticizing me in every way. And I looked at him and I was just like, “I am not receiving this from this person.” And I woke up and the Lord said to me, the first time I ever discerned, it was the accuser. It was the accuser, and from that day forward I had a new revelation on how to resist words. How to resist words. And so I just wanna say, whatever the enemy is saying over you, whatever and sometimes you just think it’s you telling you the truth. It sounds a whole lot like your voice because you’re so entrained with it, and you’re so used to it.

But look, I’m asking you today ask the Lord to help you discern the spirit of the accuser. And you know, the Bible says, “Are we gonna say, is this the one who has deceived the nations?” Where, I mean he was not, he was not put together well. This one, that was accusing me in my dream. And so, I wanna say you’re fearfully, you’re wonderfully made. You have the glory of God on you. You’re a favorite child, you’re a favorite daughter, you’re a favorite son, you’re everything that you don’t normally hear in the atmosphere. You’re better than you think, you’re above and you’re beyond because He said He has set you on high. He said He’s set you up far above those principalities and powers and lower elements. And so, I just say to you resist the accuser, resist the accusations.

We know in this year, the power of words are great and just make sure the words that you are receiving this hour are only the words that are coming from love. They’re only the words that are coming from life, they’re only the words that are coming from joy, they’re only the words that are coming from peace. Just really begin to discern and create a new filter this hour. I know a lot of us, I’ve been seeing people putting coffee filters into their masks, sewing them in. Why? Because they do, those viruses can’t penetrate that thing, it’s so tightly woven. So I just wanna say right now, let there be a tightly woven filter around you that’s going to begin to keep those words from landing, to keep those words from finding good ground in you, that will, they won’t be able to penetrate that filter. And Father, I thank You right now that we are over coming the spirit of the accuser.

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