A New Heart Rhythm for a New Era

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: July 25, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Some of you in here, you’re having something. Some of you on the web, your heart’s out of rhythm, and the Lord says right now, I want to get your heart in rhythm with what I’m doing. I want it to beat soundly. I want it to beat in My rhythm. So if you have had a diagnosis, if you’re going through that, meet Keith right over here, so he can pray for you. Lord, we say right now let our heart go in to right rhythm. Put your hand right here on your heart. You need a new heartbeat. You need a new rhythm. Your heart is shifting, because we’re shifting into a new era. And things of your past, you need to speak to ’em and say, “You are not part of setting the course of my heart “for this season.” Let’s decree that right now. Lord, break us into the new.

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