A New Identity and New Supply Lines

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Micha Jenkins
Date Given: September 4, 2022

Chuck Pierce – I want you to listen to this because this is really sort of a summary of what we’re going into at head of the year and just a great picture.

Micha Jenkins- So Friday in my dream, I saw my driver’s license and my debit card and they were broken in two. And so in the dream, I looked at my driver’s license and I thought, “Well, it’ll be easy to get a replacement.” But when I looked at the debit card, this fear came over me that I need to protect what was mine, that I needed to protect my money. And so when I woke up, I was talking to the Lord about this and I heard the Lord say that if we will come into a new place of trusting Him that there is new provision with our new identity.

Chuck Pierce – Amen! You can’t get more clearer than that. New identity, new supply lines. Now, listen, God has new supply lines. I read it this morning. I read it in, I read the whole life of Jacob this morning and how his sons finally started working with him to prosper. And he began to prosper and the enemy didn’t like it. I’m telling you guys, the Lord is coming down to work with us, to show us what to do. Do not be afraid of what you see and hear that’s out there because God has ways to break us through.

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