A New Identity for Wisconsin

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Venner Alston
Date Given: October 22, 2023

Chuck Pierce – There is a word over Wisconsin and the Lord said, “I’m changing the way you eat in Wisconsin. You have been known for being one identity of who you are but I am going to feed you in a new way over the next six months, and you’re going to burst out of your old identity and burst into a new identity. I say, I’m skimming off the milk off the top and I am rising up the meat from the bottom. Wisconsin, it is time to eat meat and come into a new discernment because I am watching this state.”

Keith Pierce – And the Lord would even say to you, “That old meal that you have set on my table has caused you to be constipated. It has clogged you up. It has caused you to put a frown on your face. Clean off the table, remove the plate, remove the tablecloth and reset it for the serving of meat that I’m bringing you. You’re not just milk and cheese, you are meat and I’m going to stir it up and flush out the systems of yesterday to bring forth the flow of my spirit for tomorrow.” I rebaptize you in the name of the Father, His only begotten son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Venner Alston – “And as I am skimming off in Wisconsin,” says the Lord, “there is that old film, that old residue that has blocked the territory from moving forward.” But this is the season that the Lord says, “When I take my knife and I skim this off, you will see new levels of leadership beginning to arise around the state, and you will begin to see a manifestation of seeds of faith and seeds of revival will begin to spring forth.” And the Lord says, “Do not resist my move by being willing to stay shrouded in religion.” The Lord says, “That is what I am skimming off, that top layer that has kept you under the radar of my presence” says the Lord.

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