A New Key Hole Is Being Created

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, John Dickson, Lisa Lyons, Marty Cassady
Date Given: May 1, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you today, you’re creating a keyhole. I say a new keyhole is being created. For I’ve been losing key after key after key, but now, today, you will create a new keyhole that will open up and even form a path, an entryway, into a path that you’ve never walked before. You have never been this way that you’re about to go. And I say to you, things are changing greatly around you and you must create the keyholes, too, that will entryway you in to many new places.

Anne Tate – The Lord says this is the season when I’ve made you to fit the hole. And as you go in, as you press into that keyhole, things are going to spring open. Things that have been stuck, are going to begin to be finished. They’re going to some to a new order, to a new manifestation, to a new fullness, to a new wide open spaces. The Lord says you’ve been made to fit in this season.

John Dickson – ♪ Tumblers, the tumblers the tumblers are moving now ♪ ♪ The tumblers are moving now ♪

Chuck Pierce – I say to you, it will be like opening up a safe door for you. For I have been holding and waiting for a people who would press through and create this entryway and beyond that safe-door there is great safety for your future. There is great provision for your future. There is a great Even though there are great wars for your future, you are stepping into a realm that has been impregnated with my presence. I say, you will pull down and pull on my presence and cause things to happen, and demonstrate power that you did not know you even had within you.

Marty Cassady- And the Lord says you think you know who I am I’m about to surprise you. When you get through that door, you’re going to see things, you’re going to have things revealed, you’re going to be given strategies from the very very heights of heaven. And the Lord says, I’m about to do a new thing in a new people, watch for it, watch for it.

Anne Tate – Huge vaults that contain great treasure are operated by both time and a key. And so the Lord says I’m shoving your head into the clock, because it’s a fullness of time for treasure to be opened.

Lisa Lyons – And the Lord says one place that you as a key I’ve fashioned is to the enemy’s trophy case. And I hear him say, you are unlocking that and you are clearing out the enemy’s trophy case.

Chuck Pierce – For he thought he had captured and won many of the assignments that I’ve given my people. And many of the tug of wars that my people had been in, but I say now, you’ll have the key to all of his trophies, and bring them back, and present them to me said the Lord.

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