A New Order Is Being Set in America

Voices: Anne Tate, Joe Donnell
Date Given: September 19, 2020

Joe Donnell – I want Daniel to step forward. The first nations when we covenant or when we make an exchange, there’s always a gift involved but in the spiritual realm we declare now that Israel and this land are covenant together. We declare that our older brother, Lord, a blessing upon them, and a blessing upon this land has come forth now in the mighty name of Yeshua. And Chuck the Lord told me to bring this mantle for you, it’s a new shirt. This is a mantle of the one new man from the first nations. It’s got all the colors on it. And when I was coming over here, got in the car, I was sitting in the passenger seat, I went into a vision and all these angels were taking this kingdom flag and they were stamping it into the land, and saying, “Now you’re in a new authority. Now, because you’ve come together as one new man. Now you have the authority to take out the enemy in this land.” And so father we just thank You. We thank You for the new season, the new place we’re at. We thank You for this apostle, Lord God. We thank You that the doors of the nations are opening up in a new way and it’s not on last season’s authority, but this is an impartation for the nations to go forward into the future under a new authority, where that kingdom banner is supreme and planted in the land, in Jesus’ name.

Anne Tate – So the Lord says, “Today, you are seeing Elijah and Elisha come together in this land and for the lands of the earth. And they have connected by generation. And this is the year that Elijah and Elisha will throw Jezebel off the wall.”

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