A New Signet Ring to Seal the Future

Voices: Anne Tate, Barbara Wentroble, Keith Pierce, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: November 11, 2018

– [Anne Tate] – Chuck, today we want to honor your service. Your 40 years. Where you took the sons of Belial and made us, the mighty men and women of God. And we had a ring, designed for you. And the Sapphire. If you’ll show that on the screen, the Sapphire is for the Issachar anointing that you carry. On the either side, there is a quiver, with seven arrows in each quiver. And we believe that there will be sons and daughters of God on all seven continents. Because you have chosen, you have made the choices necessary to become the signet ring of God. And this was the overflow from the cost of the ring. There were so many people that wish you well, and believe God’s best for you, and appreciate that they are sons and daughters of God. And so Justin is putting together a video. So you’ll have that privately to look at.

[Tobias Lyons] – I was reading through the Psalms this morning asking what the Lord is going to say over this, for me and for us corporately. And I got to Psalm 144:12. And the Lord said, “Chuck, you have created generations “whose homes will be happy. “Your sons will grow up as strong, sturdy men “and your daughters with graceful beauty. “Royally fashioned as for a palace. “Your barns will be filled to the brim, “overflowing with the fruits of our harvest. “And our fields will be full of sheep and cattle, “too many to count. “Our livestock will not miscarry their young “and our enemies will not invade our land, “and there will be no breach in our walls. “What bliss we experience when these blessings fall, “the people who love and serve our God will be happy indeed.

[Keith Pierce] – Now extend your hands to Chuck. I just went to Barbara, and said, “I see a word over Chuck. And then they stepped up here and I want you to extend your hands here. The Lord so spoke to me a few moments ago and said, “The King is feeling generous, “the King is feeling generous. “Just like the days of Esther, your beauty “will take you into the palace, but the beauty in your heart “will change the kingdom. “I will show you how to break down spirits “of self exaltation, “because truly, the King is feeling generous. “And I release my signet ring “that you may use to break curses “and save a people group.” The King is feeling generous in my holy name.

[Barbara Wentroble] – And Chuck when I looked at you this morning, the Lord spoke to me out of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was one who gave up a comfortable living in order to sacrifice for the people of God. And the Lord said, “Son, you were willing to sacrifice “a comfortable, blessed place because you knew the enemy “had access to the people of God.” And just like Nehemiah, you were one who sought the strategy of the Lord, who sought the counsel of the Lord. And God said, “Son, I’ve given you strategy “to cause the walls to be rebuilt to protect God’s people. “I’ve caused the doors to be open so that God’s people “can access the presence of the Lord.” God said, “Son, God has put a building anointing upon you.” And this building anointing is not for one nation, but God’s called you to be the healing for the nations of the world. So God says, “You have stepped “into that Nehemiah anointing.” You didn’t know what to call it at the time. You just knew you were to be obedient to the Spirit of the Lord. And God says, “Now you’re going to begin to see “the fulfillment of the dream and the vision “God put in your heart so long ago.” God says, “A Nehemiah building anointing “to protect God’s people from the power of the enemy.” God has loosed that upon you.

[Chuck Pierce] – Wow. Wow. Now let me say two things, just stop there for just a second. Now listen up. You know God don’t do anything unless he first tells his prophets what he’s going to do. This morning. And when I put the ring on, which was my diamond ring, the Lord spoke to me and said, “That’s not the right ring for you to wear.” And I said, “I just gotta keep moving. “Lord, show me, what ring I will wear.” He never said a word. He never said a word to me. I was in the bathroom, he never said a word. So I just put it on, I. And I said, “Lord, you’ll have to show me.” And I knew I’d go back home, I’d change the minute he told me what ring to wear. The Lord says, “I put a new signet on you.” Now, when you have a signet ring, you have authority to seal things. Lord, I lose this to everyone in this room. I lose this to everyone connected with us. I lose this to everyone watching with us right now. I say you have the ability to seal your future. As you move forward. Father, we say over these next three months, we decree the sealing of our future. And Lord I ask you one thing, finish this miracle center in here. Lord finish this miracle center.

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