A New Wind for the Footsteps of Joy

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Mark Waldrep, Norma Urrabazo, Pasqual Urrabazo, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: October 16, 2022

Brian Kooiman – Speaking in Tounges

Norma Urrabazo – And the Lord says, “I’m gonna turn you like I turn a key. I’m gonna turn you just like I turn a key and I’m gonna cause your eyes to open up, your ears to open up. So keep your eyes open when you turn,” says the Lord. “And as you keep your eyes open I’m going to cause that shift in your whole body to cause a shift to be turned around so that you could be like the key that turns the lock that opens the doors.”

Mark Waldrep – I heard the Lord say, “you’ve been distanced, but come to Me. Come visit Me at My well, and I will show you how to look through My eyes at each other. And as you love Me, you will love each other. And that is army invisible.”

Barbara Wentroble – “For the enemy has even come to wear out the saints. But I say I’m the God who is about to blow a second wind. I say even as it is with an athlete, when that athlete senses that he can no longer finish that race, I say I come with a second wind to bring strength and to bring energy so that that athlete can meet the goal that is set in front of him. And I say, I’m coming with a second wind of My spirit and I’m about to blow on you in a new way.” And the Lord says, “Let the weak say I am strong for I say the strength of the Lord will cause you to finish the race that is set before you.” So the second wind of the Lord is blowing upon you now in this hour.

Lisa Lyons – And the Lord says, “I’m changing your footprint on the earth. When you are not in joy, you walk and you trudge in a straight line and you cause furrows in the earth and they are very easy for the enemy to follow.” But the Lord says, “When that turns to joy and you begin dancing, you create footprints all over the earth in circles, up and down and back and forth. And the enemy is not able to see which way you are going, and which way you are moving when you move in joy and dance.”

Pasqual Urrabazo – I hear the Lord, it’s time to start shouting because He’s giving you the victory. If you start to shout right now, start praying. There’s a breakthrough. The wind is blowing in this atmosphere and we’re shifting in there. We’re shifting it all over for us, and I believe that the Lord is saying “the shift has begun, the wind has begun to blow the wind had begun to blow.” And the Lord is saying to you, “I have My Judah, the company of Judah at the line across this nation and the portholes will be open”, and the portholes will be open and the glory of the Lord will be seen upon His people, like never before. The glory’s being released, and it has started now. Give the Lord a big shout with a voice of triumph in this house.

Susan Shaulis – I heard in that tounge the Lord say, “I so loved the world that I gave.” And He says, “There’s a new giving that’s coming up and out of My people.” And He says, “it’s the generosity of the sound of love that I’m getting ready to penetrate this world with like never before.” So He says, “Open up the gate of your heart and let the well spring of love flow through”

Chuck Pierce – Now, when you give this morning decree your well will fill up and you will drink from it all year long. Lord, we say this is a giving for a filling up so that we overcome as we go forward.

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