A New Wine of My Spirit is Coming

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: March 15, 2020

– [Chuck Pierce] – We’ve been praying for Mike Williams who in Oklahoma, he had a blood clot in his brain. He’s home, he’s recovering but it will take several weeks. Father, we thank you for full restoration. We dedicate this song and this dance to him! We say you will dance again! You will be filled with God’s grace and His glory! And we say everything will be healed within you!

[Keevy Phillips] – Mike, the Lord says to you, if you’re watching you will begin to praise Me in a different way! And I am restoring your voice back to the way it is! Says the Lord, a new authority will rise up in that state. Because, I have placed you there Mike, says the Lord. The Lord says, even now, there is new wine! Coming from your house, says the Lord. You will begin to trump and step on those grapes and create a new wine Mike, says the Lord. The Lord says to the Williams family in Oklahoma, there is new wine coming out of that state! Because, I have placed you there, says the Lord. Know this day, there is new wine coming to the Lyons family! There is new wine coming to the Sauce family! All of us connected with them! There is new wine! A fresh anointing of My Spirit is coming, says the Lord. Drink up! Drink up! Drink up! Says the Lord.

[Chuck Pierce] – We decree that over everybody, under the voice of this place. We say new wine! New power! New authority! New flow, of the spirit of God! Lord, we thank You for what you’re doing! And all of us, and we trust You completely.

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