A Pioneering People of Harvest

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney
Date Given: January 23, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Janice came in my office and gave me a word. This week was really a demanding week. And one day, I got up early, and I came up here, and I walked through the whole place and I said, “Lord, what you’ve done here in 12 years has just been amazing.” I said, “I wouldn’t want to go back to where it started.” Because it takes great effort when you’re pressing through and pioneering and having to take one step at a time. And Janice came in and gave me a word. Let her speak it over all of us in here. You have right to this word because you’ve been part of what is going on here.

Janice Swinney – The land, as when Ann and I came and drove around this building, when Chuck asked us to initially, we did not feel like this was a land forsaken. We felt like it was a land neglected that needed to be reclaimed that needed to be reinstated to the purposes of God. When Chuck spoke to me the other day, the spirit of the Lord hit me and He said, “This is a people that have been gathered together. They are all pioneers in their hearts. They are willing to go into land that has been forsaken or left alone in order to pull out the treasure that I have buried there. This is the day He said where My people are not afraid to go into those places that don’t seem like there’s anything living and allow My spirit to bring forth what is buried there. What is waiting on them. The land was here, waiting, waiting.” Remember the word from Head of the Year. The land is waiting, waiting on us to go into our next place. So this is the time where the pioneering hearts must go up again. We have new land to try. We have new land to search. We have new land to release. Every one of us have a heart and a vision for that extreme kingdom release. And we say, today is the day.

Chuck Pierce – Now, that’s why Kingdom Harvest Alliance is so important. It’s not that we need another identity. It means that we say we need to harvest that which we pioneered. That which others have watered, that which others have sown, that which others have plowed. You are part of harvesting.

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