A Pioneering Spirit That Will Split Time

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: January 30, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Anne brought me back something from east Texas she and Aaron just went and ministered there and it’s called pioneer oil. And I want you to do something with this today and this particular commissioning. I want you to, everybody that walks forward or everyone’s name that’s called. If you, if you’re here and you walk forth, if you’re on the web, we will extend it to you. I want you to just go through, when they walk down, I want you to just put a mark of pioneer oil on them. I say right now we’re pioneering our fields.

Anne Tate – A couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to work and it goes from the west to the east. And there was this huge cross in the sky. And it was made by contrails. It wasn’t it might’ve been or it could be, no, it was a cross and the atmosphere was gray. It was cloudy and gray. It wasn’t turbulent but it was very gray. And at the bottom of that cross, there was a small aperture that was splitting the heavens and it began to get wider and wider as it hit the horizon. And the Lord says that it was the cross that split time. And so the Lord says that this new pioneering spirit that you’re being anointed with, that you’re gonna begin to move in every place you go Will split time in the heavens over the places He sends you.

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