A Purim Time of Deliverance

Voices: Amber Pierce, Daniel Pierce
Date Given: March 16, 2022

Amber Pierce – Do you believe that God is the God of all goodness, that He can heal every disease, every heart condition you’re dealing with, every issue of diabetes that you’re dealing with? Anything in your health, anything in your mind, anything in your emotions that you’re dealing with? He can heal that. Today is the day of deliverance. That’s what Purim is. It’s a day of deliverance.

Daniel Pierce – Amen, amen.

Amber Pierce – If you need deliverance, just stand up. Just stand up and shout.

Daniel Pierce – Just decree that right now. Begin to decree deliverance over your life. Not every battle that we face occurs on a battlefield. Many of them occur in our personal lives. Lord, we just decree deliverance from right here, right now at the Glory of Zion in Texas, Father, to go out to all the four corners of the Earth, Father. For every place where You have Your remnant we just decree deliverance right now. For Ukraine, Lord, we decree deliverance right now. For Your people and Your remnant that are fighting, that are battling in the physical right now, Father, we just decree deliverance.

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