A Restoration of Movement and Celebration Is Happening

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: July 30, 2023

Keith Pierce – When you started down the stairs, McKenna, the Lord spoke to me that it’s come time for the heavens to dance again. And the Lord said there has been a war in the second atmosphere that has caused dancing to cease. And I am the Lord of the dance and I have called many to dance before me and even the earth is ready to dance a new dance. But when the dance begins to come, it will bring a shaking that will shake the dome that is positioned itself to stop the excitement of a new dance. So Lord, I baptize her in the name of the Father, your only begotten son the Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Chuck Pierce – Now, Keith, let me add to that prophecy. The Lord says my people have lost the dance of crossing over. My people have lost the dance of rejoicing and their movement toward their promise. I say to you, this will be a time where I will restore the movement of my people and the celebration of my people.

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