A Season of Building and Multiplication

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: May 23, 2021

Barbara Wentroble – I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that this is a season you’re going to know that I am the God of more than enough. For I say a day has passed, when there was no strength, I brought supernatural strength. When there was lack, I brought that that was necessary. When there was a season that seemed like drought, I brought the rain to you. But I say, this is a time, because you have been faithful in small things. I say, I’m going to put you in charge of much, for I say this is a season of such increase. And that you’re going to build what you could not build in the last season. For there is even a fresh building-anointing upon you. And you’re going to build storehouses in the days ahead. You’re going to build storehouses of strength. Storehouses of wealth. Storehouses of healing. I say, this is a building season. And I say, that that you have planted, has only been the seed form, says the Lord. For I have come, and I have watered the seeds that you have planted. And I say now, that seed is breaking through the stubborn soil. And I say it is rising up with increase. So the Lord says, know, you shall know Me, as the God of increase. You shall know Me as the God of multiplication. I say, this is a building season, and you will build what you could not build in the days past.

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