A Season of New Space

Voices: Lisa Lyons
Date Given: November 28, 2021

Lisa Lyons – All morning when I’ve been watching the dancers what I’m seeing is that they are treading out blueprints. I don’t get that, but I see that’s what they’ve been doing. And I heard the Lord say, I am rearranging space. When you all go into Washington, DC, there’s some space that has been cleared, but it hasn’t been rearranged to be configured and conformed to what the Lord wants it to be. And I heard Him say, you’re gonna be rearranging space in that city, James and Robyn, you’re gonna be rearranging the space in the sound that’s in the atmosphere. And I heard the Lord say, I’m rearranging spaces in My people. There are spaces in your spirit and your soul. And God said, I’m gonna knock some walls out. I’m gonna put where something has been and looked this way. I’m reconfiguring and reconforming. This is a new season, it’s a time for new space.

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