A Season of Payback

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 10, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Now Father, we’re in a season of Pey. Part of that season says payback. I want you to shout right now, “Payback!” I want you to decree right now that that loss will again, you will see the life multiplied 10 times, 30 times, 60 times. Father, as we approach 9-11 tomorrow, we shout payback this season. Father, we thank you right now that every seed that has fallen in the ground and died, we say, “Bring forth that harvest from it.” Now Dutch, as you shared that testimony, the Lord said, “I will retrace your steps back to places and you will shout this season, payback and multiplication.” The Lord says, “Walk with Me into the future, to the places I send you and watch multiplication began.” Let’s give a shout and thank God right now that He is flipping our switch.

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