A Spectacular Sound of Joy Is Breaking Forth

Voices: Brian Kooiman
Date Given: October 4, 2020

Brian Kooiman – This is Tabernacles week it is a time to celebrate the one who has come to Tabernacle with us. The Lord, at the beginning of the year. He gave me a verse, and I have held on to that verse all year. And I said Lord, when will that verse come to pass. I’ve carried it, there’s been times that I thought Lord I’m not going to see it come to pass. And I have pressed to get to Tabernacles because I knew that there would be an outpouring of joy. It’s from Psalm 33. It’s time to sing and shout for joy. Go ahead all you redeemed ones. Do it. Praise Him with all you have. For praise looks lovely on the lips of God’s lovers. Sing and shout with passion. Make a spectacular sound of joy. I have come today to loose this sound of joy. We are a people who will loose a sound of joy. As you give, as you worship. Declare the sound of joy, is breaking forth.

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