A Striking Moment to Free the Bloodline

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Kay Tolman, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: July 3, 2022

– LeAnn Squier – I’ve been seeing a crowned prince that is a serpent over your bloodlines, over my bloodlines. There is a ruling entity that has a crown, and I’m seeing it. And it’s like it’s standing on end, like that; it’s high and it’s lifted itself up. And as we begin to say, what were you just singing? “Holy is the-

– “Holy is the Lord “who does wondrous things.”

– “wondrous things.” “We Lift You High.” And I’m telling you right now, there’s a moment in the spirit right now. There’s a moment, there’s a portal, there’s an opening. If you know what that thing is that has troubled, and tormented, and run your family, been in your family line, that has come up year after year, season after season, generation, to generation, to generation. If you know what that is, I want you to just to stop and do some business with the Lord and do some business with the enemy because God is giving us an enablement right now to take down a throne off of our bloodlines. And there has been a spirit of intimidation on many of you, on me, on all of us. A spirit of intimidation because that thing says, “Oh, I’m in charge here.” “Oh, you can’t do that, no.” And it’s an impressive, pushes you down, it belittles, and makes you unqualified it says. And so that thing has intimidated and intimidated. And I’m telling you right now, I’m gonna pass it to Chuck. We’re gonna overthrow that thing that has been ruling our individual bloodlines.

Chuck Pierce – Now, I call it the strike moment. In other words, what is about to strike you, he waits for the perfect moment to strike it. And that’s what we’re looking for. I’m gonna ask Peter and Barbie if they would go stand over here. I’m gonna ask Keevy and Chad to stand over here. Kay, do you have something you wanna share? Come on up right up here with me. And I decree right now, if something has been poised to take you out this week, I want you to get ready because God is ready to strike it and take it down.

Kay Tolman – We decree and declare that Jesus Christ is King over all. King of kings and Lord of lords. And we say to the spirit of Basilisk, we take the sword of the spirit of Hebrews 4:12 and we take the head off of Basilisk. Oh, we decree and declare that spirit has no dominion or authority in these bloodlines again. We repent for the worship of Basilisk and we tear it down. We say, “It will not rule in this country, “it will not rule our generations, “but we will stand in victory in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now, all of you on the web joining in with us, that’s for you also. That thing that is poised to strike that’s in your bloodline, we decree right now there is a strike moment to take his head off. Now, if you need prayer, go to this side or go to this side and get someone to deal with the one thing that you know that is trying to strike you. Kay, also come up here to pray right up here? Now, Lord, we decree right now that we are coming into freedom today. Shout freedom!

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