A Time of Dividing Out

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 19, 2024

Chuck Pierce – “And I say to you, This will be a time of dividing out. I am beginning to divide, and I am beginning to raise up. So those divided out and set aside will conquer that which I put in their path. I say, no, this will be a time of sanctification. So that how I set you apart, you will step upon the head of the enemy. I say, the enemies have risen up, but you will rise higher. Get ready. I’m dividing you out for the war ahead. And I say, I’m dividing out the states of this nation and I’m dividing out the nations of the Earth. This is a time of me dividing and setting apart, and I will align the armies of Heaven with my armies that are divided out in Earth. Get ready, for the march is beginning,” sayeth the Lord.

“And know who is following, and who is lingering, and I know who has pulled aside and gathered, rather than come with me as a tribe corporately to war. I say to you, I am watching carefully for this is a dividing time. And because I am dividing out, many will find themselves on the wrong side of the door. So, I say to you, press. Press in. I know who is pressing and I know who is pulling back. I say to you, this is a time to press together, for the fragrance of life will be a corporate fragrance that will cause much death to flee. I say, you are in a conflict with death, but I will have a triumphant people who will rise up and win this war. And I say, I’m the possessor of Heavens and Earth. I am a possessive God who longs to call forth my possessions. And I say to you, watch carefully for this is a time that new harvest fields I have designated. I am designating the harvest fields. And I will have those harvesters that I send into those fields. Get ready, for I am dividing to send,” sayeth the Lord.

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