A Year of Refreshing Winds

Voices: Isaac Pierce
Date Given: December 31, 2022

Isaac Pierce – So I would like to share something. First of all, I was reading through Acts of the Apostles today, but this year has been some you know, not crazy things for me. But you know, we got the house, you know all these things and it was wonderful. But the big thing for me was I’ve had back issues. I’ve had upper back issues and all this and but there’s one really monumental thing that just happened actually two weeks ago. And I’ve heard all the testimonies come forth about not going into the new year the same way with the same old baggage. Since I quit drinking, this was, I guess 12 years ago. I got, oh, thanks. That’s not the point. But thank you. I really appreciate it. Since I quit drinking, I always had headaches. I would have headaches every single day all day long. I would have to take four Advil in the morning and then four in the afternoon just to suppress it. That has happened for 11 years. I have done that for 11 years straight. I got sick with a common cold a couple of weeks ago and I was laying in bed and I said, “Lord I have absolutely had it with this hell.” “I’ve had it with the hell.” And that was the thing I had to get to the point of saying I’ve had it with the hell. Instead of being like, man, you know people are gonna feel bad for me, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna hang onto it. I’m gonna hold onto it and buckle myself to it and not let it go.

And that is a problem with a lot of us today. We want to hang onto our sorrow and misery because it’s easier to hold onto it and harbor the pain rather than let it go and let God do a miracle in you. So I said I’ve had it with this hell and it’s been two straight solid weeks. I haven’t had back pain, I haven’t had upper back pain, I haven’t had knee pain. But the biggest thing of all something that has been a torment on my life for the last 11 years is headaches. And I haven’t had a single one. I haven’t had an inkling of one. There hasn’t even been a, a slight tingle in the back of my head thinking that I was about to have a headache. None of it, because I was tired of the hell and I was tired of feeling that way. And I’m not going into a new year with it. I’m not gonna bring in an old season into a new season. I’m not gonna try and slam, new wine into an old wine skin. It’s not what I’m gonna try and do, ’cause it’s gonna burst at the seams. Are you gonna miss promise, you’re gonna miss grace, you’re gonna miss something that the Lord has intended for you.

And I was reading and it said, “Now repent of your sins and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped away. Then times of refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord and he will again send you Jesus, your appointed Messiah. And the point of it was refreshing winds.” It’s refreshing winds of healing. It’s refreshing winds of change on our lives. It’s refreshing winds of healing over your families, over your households, over your cities, over the nation, over everything. Is it gonna be a difficult time? Probably. But I’m not gonna fear a treacherous road because I know the Lord’s gonna be walking with me down it. And God personally carried our sins in His body to the cross so that we could be done with it. So I laid in that bed and said, “I’m sick of it. And in the name of Jesus, I’m done. I’ve had it. It’s over. I’ve had it.” So Lord, thank you so much for your body for breaking it upon that cross for us.

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