Alabama Will Lead Others in Unlocking the Resources of the Land

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Negiel Bigpond, Rebecca Greenwood
Date Given: September 19, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Now Father, I decree right now, there will be no lack, no lack first of all of revelation. You will have revelation pouring on you. So you will know every step to take, door after door will be opened to you, you will not have closed doors, the Lord says it will be as if I’m sending forth my seventy again, that you will see, you will see and you won’t rejoice just cause the demons are giving up, you’re going to rejoice that the glory of God is being manifest.

Amber Pierce – I just can’t get this out of my head to share this and then release it over you. My grandfather from Alabama, Ray Gross, he went to Houston and he drilled the deepest, fastest well in the 60s, he broke the world record. And I just couldn’t get that out of my head and so I just wanted to decree over you, the untapping glory from the deep from the deep from the depths from the depths of the earth Father, in a record breaking way Father, that Your glory come out in a record breaking way in the name of Jesus.

Chuck Pierce – You know what that says, don’t you? It says you’ll be moving from Alabama to bring other places, cities and states into the depth that God has for them and unlocking the resources of the territories of this land. The Lord says get ready you’ll be sending apostolic teams out of Alabama to go to all the other states. The Lord says get ready you’ll be sending them out. You’ll be sending them out to go to state after state.

Rebecca Greenwood – And while Chuck was prophesying, I just kept hearing the sound of the oil, the rigs what do they call them the pumps, and I heard them all over the state of Alabama. And the Lord says that as the glory is going across the state of Alabama, that the oil will begin to bubble up from the land and not only is Alabama leading as Ekklesia and the new prototype, but Alabama will lead in the production of the resources in the land that will be uncapped and uncorked and redug and the oil will pop again in Alabama, and you will teach the states how to release the curse on the land that the dominion resources God has called us to steward will come up in this era.

Negiel Bigpond – Praise the Lord. You know what I’m hearing Chuck, I hadn’t used this term in a long time, but I hope it don’t scare anybody, but I see trained killers coming out of Alabama, trained to kill the enemy trained to kill the demonic forces and demons. And I see the feet of every man woman and child, gathering together on holy land. Alabama is a tremendous place. A tremendous place that native people came out of and marched on, they survived them, even though they shouldn’t have, but they did. Because God had a plan for our people. Now it’s all people of the land will come together, every tribe, every tongue, every nation. I release it over the feet of the trained killers of Alabama. That they will war they will go to war and battle they will destroy They will root out, tear down and destroy the things of the enemy and they will rebuild and they will replant the things of God, the altars of God. All the counties, where the 67 counties 67 counties, 67 altars will be built and structured in every county, every county the altars will be built by trained killers of Gods.

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