Align With My Word and I Will Administrate Your Healing

Voices: Darren Petersen, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: May 15, 2021

Tiffany Smith – I just keep seeing the name of Jesus going down someone’s spine, and it is spreading out through your nervous system. And I see that there have been circuits of anxiety and depression that people here have been walking in. And I hear the Lord saying, “My name is coming down like a sword, “and it is cutting through every demonic assignment “that has been set against your emotions.” And I see Him bringing a plumb line down your spine, down your emotions that you are gonna begin to line up with the word of God and what God calls you to be in Jesus’ name.

Darren Peterson – I feel like the Lord has a more specific thing about that, which is to say an issue has come to some of you that has plagued you, has eaten at you, may have seated itself in your body. But the fact is that the Lord says that issue is not yours to address, and if you will roll it to Him, He is set to administrate that thing. It is His responsibility to administrate that thing. You do not have to bear that. So roll it on Him, and see freedom come to you.

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